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Fin du championnat 2011
By jeandid, The 12/25/2011

Le championnat 2011 vient de s'achever. Félicitations à Guilherme SANDRINI qui devient pour la deuxième fois consécutive le Champion de Zone Dactylo, ce qui est exceptionnel au vu de son jeune âge (18) !

Top 5 du championnat Zone Dactylo 2011 :

SANDRINI, Guilherme100918Sao PauloBrésil
WRONA, Sean91526SyracuseEtats-Unis d'Amérique
CRISTESCU, Andrei51028BucurestiRoumanie
4WARHURST, Julian48920MelbourneAustralie
5MARKOVIC, Zoran40329Srbija (Smederevo)Serbie

Ce top 5 montre à quel point le championnat est devenu international : Brésil, Etats-Unis, Roumanie, Australie, Serbie !

Le classement intégral est disponible ici.

Joyeux Noël et bonne année 2012 !

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ShaolinTempleType :
à 16:55
Go Luca!
nadia1973 :
à 03:36
Je n'ai pas compris comment c'est possible humainement de taper 200 mots/mn!!!! Même une assistante de direction tape 80 mots/mn
ShaolinTempleType :
à 16:53
Long live Luca George of Romania, the true champion of typing :)
MattBovino :
à 07:36
Nihad is a lot better than andy569....569 is nothing of special like kid's typist...nihad is very better
lucageorge :
à 20:12
I can type fast compared with the general population and mostly because I am so depressed that i drawned myself in typing, my life is in ruin... I will do my best every master how i did this year, but there is no substitute for experience, talent and hard work, all i have is the perseverence...or stupidity...not sure yet. Once more Congratulations to the high ranked guys, and goodluck to all the rest.
andy569 :
à 22:43
Congratulations Kukkain for winning the championship once again! Best of luck this year Sean. Congrats to Andrei for keeping his ground and maintaining his 3rd place position even though Julian was putting up quite the battle :)
KukkainllMetallica :
à 21:14
Bayatu :
à 11:11
all bets on luca george
MattBovino :
à 18:56
Luca is definetely better than you andrei in all also on typing ;) the king is here! Luca George the king of typingzone
Son :
à 17:06
He's a maniac, maniac on the floor And he's dancing like he never danced befoooore!!
MattBovino :
à 20:21
Next year will be the year of LUCA GEORGE ;) too maniac of typing
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