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End of 2012 championship
By jeandid, The 12/24/2012

The 2012 championship is over. Congratulations to Sean WRONA who becomes for the first time the Typing Zone champion!

Well, Guilherme SANDRINI gave up the championship after the Master of August, but Sean was already leading at that time (753 - 748). Moreover, Sean established a new record: he has won 22 Masters, which is the highest number of wins in Typing Zone's history.

Congratulations, Sean!

Top 5 of the Typing Zone championship:

WRONA, Sean115327SyracuseUnited States of America
SANDRINI, Guilherme74819Sao PauloBrazil
CRISTESCU, Andrei68729BucurestiRomania
4WARHURST, Julian47621MelbourneAustralia
5CHOW, Edwin42817AucklandNew Zealand

Like last year, the top 5 is still international: United States, Brazil, Romania, Australia, New Zealand!
And welcome to Edwin from New Zealand, who entered the top 5 this year.

The full classification is available here.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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ShaolinTempleType :
à 18:28
and I want to "hive" master :D (PS: go luca!)
rijwan :
à 17:26
i want to bee master
MattBovino :
à 11:22
Easy to win a championship when a guy like Kukky being kicked out by the fight....the numbers talking...2010 2011 won kukkain...and also in 2012 if.....
ShaolinTempleType :
à 11:02
Go Luca!
smtchahal :
à 06:36
But Sean already said he's not participating this year.
KukkainllMetallica :
à 02:43
I'd like to know how could anyone here say I gave up... Everyone here knows I didnt gave up, and YOU, Jean, you know that I had problems here for many times, I couldn't enter in this site (and I'm still not getting, I'm just here by an iphider site), I would fight until the end to Beat Sean for the third time, but the only one who could help with that problem was Dragosh, that is dead.
ShaolinTempleType :
à 12:00
Yet again, my full support goes to Luca George for this year's championship!. By the way, I hear that Sean and Kukkain won't be participating from this year. And perhaps Andrei too(although I believe he is still undecided about it). It will be very sad indeed if these three deities of typing decide to stop competing here. Anyways we'll still have Julian, Edwin, Nihad, Vince, Matteo, Sumit, Grigoras and the others chipping in.. plus we still have Luca! So it's not all bad. :D
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